Дългосрочна ЕДС в Англия

Iyac Bulgaria търси един доброволец за дългосрочна доброволческа служба в ASHA Centre, Англия.

Начало на проекта: 10 октомври, 2016г.
Край на проекта: 9 август, 2017г.

The project name is: The ASHA „VOLUNTEER FOR CHANGE“ EVS project – 9th edition.

The ASHA Centre ( http://www.ashacentre.org ) is a UK charity working for the empowerment of young people, sustainable development and peace & reconciliation worldwide. The Centre is a hub of intercultural activities, hosting a range of educational, performing arts and environment-based programmes throughout the year.

The ASHA Centre is a unique venue for young people. It is located within the magnificent scenery of the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, UK and has a 4-acre biodynamic/organic fruit and vegetable garden.

The ASHA Centre is a renowned venue for youth empowerment and leadership and is now one of the foremost organisations in the UK that worked within the Erasmus+ programme, which is administered and supported the by the British Council and Ecorys UK National Agency. In addition to hosting training courses, the ASHA Centre is a receiving and sending organisation for the European Voluntary Service (EVS) and hosts 8-12 volunteers throughout the year. ASHA also works with different volunteering programmes. Since 2009 ASHA has been hosting long-term EVS. Currently we are on the 8th edition of THE ASHA ‘VOLUNTEER FOR CHANGE’ EVS PROJECT. 59 young people have been hosted at the ASHA Centre under the EVS programme.

This is the 9th long-term EVS project hosted at ASHA, also called ‘Volunteer for Change’. It is a 10 month volunteering placement with 8 volunteers from 8 different countries living and working together.

ASHA comes from the Sanskrit root meaning “eternal law”, “the inherent nature of existence”. In Avestan Persian the word ASHA means “the righteous way” “truth” and “divine justice.”
In many languages it also means “hope”.

Arrival: 10 October 2016 at Gloucester City
Departure: 9 August 2017 from the ASHA Centre/ Hill House

The ASHA Team will arrange pickups from Gloucester City to the ASHA Centre on the arrival day and will also provide transport to Gloucester on the departure day.

Participants need to be aged over 18 years old. Ideally between 18 to 25 years old.

We are looking for young people who have an interest and respect for the environment. We would also like to see our volunteers to be active and take initiative in the community and with their tasks. They need to have a positive and pro-active attitude at the ASHA Centre and hopefully with the activities they will take part in they will aspire to help increase public awareness of environmental issues and healthy lifestyles upon their return in there own country.
They need to like working both on their own and also in a team. They need to enjoy being outdoors working in the garden and doing tasks such as, herb and flower drying, making preserves from the fruits of the garden or helping support ASHA’s projects and events. This could involve creating a display for an ASHA Open Day, creating a welcome party for an international group or generally hosting various diverse types of groups. All volunteers will take part indoors in the kitchen and household tasks, such as: cooking, cleaning, washing up, serving, and setting the gallery with many other responsibilities. They need to be respectful when interacting with people of different faiths and cultures and also different levels of physical and sensitive ability.
We will ask applicants to submit a short personal statement about themselves in the first instance. This can be written or produced in any other method they choose – this will allow us to see how creative they are and what they are willing to offer and want to learn. The volunteer will need to show their motivation to be part of the ASHA Team and willing to live and work with other volunteers and staff members.

Volunteer Selection
The selection process will involve the volunteer, the sending and hosting organisations. We always interview all selected candidates. The interview process will be relaxed and informal so that the applicants have the best opportunity to show their enthusiasm and interest. Most likely it will be a skype call.
Both sending and host organisations are actively involved in the final process of deciding on an applicant, but ASHA gives the final YES to a volunteer and helps prepare them for their learning experience alongside with the sending organisation.
We will strive to have a gender-balanced and culturally diverse group. We will give preference to candidates with fewer opportunities and those who haven’t had experience abroad. However, we have learnt in the past EVS placements, that it is best if volunteers have a good level of English language due to ASHA being a very intercultural and social environment.
We involve the current EVS volunteers in informing candidates about the current realities, there are many testimonials of ex-volunteers and ASHA’s website and we will also ask them to advise on what is best for new volunteers. Their feedback is crucial for us to keep updated with what is best from the volunteers’ perspective.
At ASHA we are interested also in the learning process of the volunteers. The EVS framework gives volunteers an excellent opportunity to have a balanced and healthy lifestyle. We want to honour volunteers’ potential and needs and find the best solutions for a successful project for all parties involved. We have created a rotation system that looks after the volunteers’ needs, whilst giving them an opportunity to experience all activities at the ASHA Centre and local community and other associate projects. The working schedule is coordinated weekly and the team tries their best to have a monthly plan in place so that volunteers can plan in their holidays and weekends.

Specific Skills
We do not require any specific skills but just ask for open minded and enthusiastic individuals who are keen to learn, discover and contribute to ASHA’s work! At ASHA we seek to encourage an appreciation of the spirit of volunteering as an opportunity for self-development by putting one’s self aside in the service of a greater good. It is about finding the joy in selfless service to others.

За да бъдете част от проекта е необходимо да изтеглите и попълните следната апликационна форма – http://dox.bg/files/dw?a=17a316065f

Изпратете своята апликационна форма на имейл адрес iyac.bulgaria@gmail.com , не по-късно от 4 септември, 2016г.

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