Младежки обмен Refugee Life – A Story Behind в Чехия

Фондация Смокиня търси участници за младежки обмен Refugee Life – A Story Behind

calendar Период на провеждане: 31 октомври – 9 ноември 2016 г.

placeholder-1 Място на провеждане: Zbýšov u Brna, Чехия

info Информация за младежкия обмен:

It is about going beyond your prejudices, overstepping comfortable playground and opening up for a totally new experience. We want to learn as a team how we can use differences for the benefit of everybody involved and how to share what we already have – our time, compassion and resources.
This exchange is addressed to people wanting to bring change to social environment they live in and to make an impact on social dialogue by becoming creative in their own actions. It is an opportunity to develop your qualities and experience self – esteem and self trust as well as respect and support for every other person around. We will use self-development methods, outdoor activities, youth involvement and joyful creativity.

Участващи държави: Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Ukraine, Hungary

email-1  За да кандидатствате, попълнете апликационната форма и я изпратете на info@smokinya.com

clock-1 Срок за кандидатстване: 2 октомври 2016 г.

coin Такса за участие: 30 евро + 25 лв. за българския партньор

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