Обмен „Mass MediaTiks“ във Франция

Асоциация Walktogether търси участници за обмен свързан със социалните мрежи и тяхното влияние върху обществото.

placeholder-1 Mясто: Lastours, France

Профил: 4 участници на възраст 18 – 25 години

calendar Дати: 24 – 3 Ноември

checked Описание на проекта:
The idea of the project „Mass MediaTiks“ was born from a commoн will to create a youth exchange on the theme of social networks and their influence on society nowadays.
This project offers the participants the possibility to share different experiences connected to medias with youngsters from other countries and different cultures.
We believe that the issue of media and of the image is very interesting for many of us, because they are more and more relevant in our approach to the reality we live in.
The project wants to give the participants a moment to reflect on the power of all types of media for what concerns the creation of ideas and influences on opinions, using methods and tools of non formal education.
Our idea is to concentrate a part of the planning on these issues because it’s difficult to be aware of the huge power of media on population and on youngsters; it’s therefore important to discuss and understand certain aspects of communication in order to be able to develop critical thinking towards all the available medias.
We would also like to focus a particular attention on the theme of social networks. This is necessary in a society where medias have considerably changed during the last 20 years. For example, laptops weren’t part of our daily lives, our habits were different.
What did this change in social relationships? What happens when I no longer have access to Facebooк?

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