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The Youth Exchange
The Third Power

Differdange, Luxembourg


business_calenderDATE: 19 September – 27 September 2016
19th is arrival day, 26st evening or 27th morning is departure


33308PARTICIPANTS: 8 participants (16-30)
COUNTRIES: Luxembourg/ Bulgaria/ Czech Republic/ Estonia/ Turkey


We believe that the topic of media and critical thinking about the information we get from media is extremely important for young people nowadays.
It is important that young people are able to shape their own opinions independently and analyze information.

The working methods will use non-formal education and learning by doing. The methods are described in details in the attached programme of activities. There will be various topics that will be discussed during the week, like advertising, election campaigns, social networks, media manipulation, media and freedom or media in our countries. Firstly, participants will discuss about these topics. There will be some inputs for the discussion prepared by the organisers. All young people will then have a chance to contribute with their own points of view, their own experience,
present cases from their countries, etc. The workshops will be done using various methodologies.

After these more reflective workshops, young people will have time to create real media outputs about these specific topics. There will be three groups – journalist, photo and video group. The topics will be common to give some guidelines to young people. However, it will be up to them to come up with what they want to express, how they want to express it, what will be the forms, etc.

money-vector-icons-set-isolated-grey-background-eps-file-available-31427252Travel ceilings (100%): BG – 170 

There is a participation fee of 30 euros that will be charged from every participant of the exchange. This fee is obligatory. It will also give the right to become an official member of the “Together” network.