Обмен Verbattle meets Europe: The Continuation

Асоциация Walktogether търси участници за обмен „Verbattle meets Europe: The Continuation“

Olomouc city, Czech Republic


4 участници на възраст 16 – 20 и 2 тийм лидер без ограничение на възрастта


1 – 8 Октомври 2016


Goals of the project:

This project with the participation of partnering organizations:

  • WalkTogether (Bulgaria),
  • Kulturális Kapcsolatokért Alapítvány (Hungary),
  • Slovak Youth for Traveling, Education and Volunteering (Slovakia) and
  • Hellenic Youth Participation (Greece)

including 36 youths and 12 leaders aims to:

improve participant’s communication and language skills through seminars of work with information, logic, formulating their own opinions and arguments, public speaking, presentation skills and other soft-skills.

It will equip them to:

  • active participation in social discussion and intercultural dialogue,
  • strengthen their rational and logical thinking,
  • increase their awareness and respect for democratic values and ideals,
  • show them examples of best practices,
  • provide them with knowledge of the activities of civil society and the power to influence of local leaders,
  • raise their social responsibility and awareness through experiential education in terms of individuals, the state and the international community (EU)
  • will enhance their level of tolerance for diversity, attitude to social inclusion and brotherhood in the best sense of the word.

The Topic

The topic of the exchange is refugees and humanitarian / development aid. There will be plenty of immediate experiences for participants, we’ve also arranged for two experts in the field to come and give their lectures and discussions. Because the schedule is partly based on the element of surprise, we will not publish it in advance, however we can promise that most days’ activities are of course balanced (indoor / outdoor, lecturing / experiences / games, psychic / physical etc…).

Twenty-four Hours Seven Days Symbol
Краен срок за кандидатстване: 11/09/2016 с апликационна форма.


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Контакт: walktogetherbulgaria@gmail.com