Младежки обмен “Your Voice Matters” в Trakai region, Lithuania, 12-18.12

WalkTogether търси участници за младежки обмен “Your Voice Matters” в Trakai region, Lithuania.

Профил на участниците: 7 участници (18-30 г. ) + 1 Тийм лидер (18+).

info Описание на проект:
This event will bring together 45 participants from Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Italy. Participants will meet in order to raise their awareness of citizenship and law, to realize the need for active participation in the political life of their countries and Europe as a whole. Youngsters will identify the strengths and weaknesses of the policy in their countries, create on this basis a model of the ideal state where they would like to live in, prepare and organize voluntary action in order to inform people about the importance of elections and convey to society the idea that every vote is important for the good of society.

Participants will learn, discuss and analyse different topics related to raising awareness of young people in political matters, find ways to increase desire of citizens to participate actively in the political life of their country.

clock-1 Краен срок за кандидатстване: 19 октомври 2016 г. 

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За контакт: walktogetherbulgaria@gmail.com

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