Младежки обмен „ART vs. HATE“ в Банско, 8-16.11.2016 г.

Алтернативи Интернешънъл търси 2 младежи от 18 до 26 години за младежки обмен ART vs HATE в Банско.

placeholder-1 Място: Банско, България

calendar Период на провеждане: 8 – 16 ноември 2016 г.

checked Информация за проекта:
The youth exchange ART vs HATE is multilateral project involving young people from 6 countries: Italy, Bulgaria, Turkey, UK, Spain and Macedonia. The profile of the participants is young people between 18 and 26 years old with different cultures, religions, ethnics, social and economical background and young people facing geographical and financial difficulties. The main aims of the exchange are:
– helping young people understand better what hate speech is and that it can actually lead to hate crime and other sequences;
– Informing young people how to efficiently fight against hate speech in non violent way;
– presenting graffiti as a effective way to combat hate speech.

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clock-1 Срок за кандидатстване: 03 ноември 2016 г. 

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