Отворени места за Европейска доброволческа скужба в 4 европейски държави

Осем ЕДС проекта по програма Еразмус+ за младежка мобилност в Германия, Франция, Италия и Латвия са отворени за кандидатстване до 30 ноември 2016г. 
1.  Another Culture проект в Страсбург, Франция
ABCM-Les Mickele is an associative kindergarten existing for 20 years which aims to favor the learning of bilingualism (French-German-Alsatian) and its affected cultures from the age of 3. The role of the young EVS will be to enrich through his/her presence, his/her culture and his/her language the projects of the kindergarten.
calendar Срок на провеждане на проекта: 31 август 2017 – 13 юли 2018г.

2. ЕДС в училища в Италия
InCo-Molfetta is searching 6 volunteers for a new EVS project in organizations of Molfetta, Bisceglie and Ostuni (Southern Italy).
calendar Срок на провеждане на проекта: 1 септември 2017 – 31 август 2018г.

3. KITA Waldkindergarten – discover nature in the Forest Kindergarten в Германия
Kindergarden “Waldkindergarten” in Leipzig offers places for up to 60 children aged 2 – 7 years and focuses on „natural education”.
calendar Срок на провеждане на проекта:  10 май 2017 – 9 май 2018г.

4. Volunteering at Tukums Region Social Service ASAP в Латвия
We are looking for volunteer in already approved project at Tukums Region Social Service which locates in the centre of Tukums. Volunteer will do their voluntary work in two units of Department of Social Services – Youth social centre and Disability Day Centre „Saime“.
calendar Срок на провеждане на проекта: 31 януари 2016 – 1 август 2017г.

5. Kindergarten Goyastraße – sport&healthy lifestyle&outdoor activity в Германия
The main concept of the Goaystrasse Kindergarten is to include sport activities and healthy life-style in every kid’s life. In the kindergarten children have 10 friendly group rooms, a studio, a children’s kitchen and a multipurpose room.
calendar Срок на провеждане на проекта: 1 юни 2017 – 31 май 2018г.

6. Kindergarten Treffpunkt Linde – every day is a new adventure в Германия
The kindergarten Treffpunkt Linde takes care of 82 children from the age of 2. We have an open group concept – the children can choose daily their partners to play with and as well what they want to do this day.
calendar Срок на провеждане на проекта: 1 юни 2017 – 31 май 2018г.

7. KITA Kohlgartenstraße – multicultural Kindergarten в Германия
Our international kindergarten is located in the eastern part of Leipzig. Almost 50% of the children have a migrant background and they come from 20 different countries. That is why we focus on the intercultural education during our work.
calendar Срок на провеждане на проекта: 1 август 2017 – 31 юли 2018г.

8. Kindergarten Thünenstrasse – watch, discover, try в Германия
Our kindergarten is focusing on natural sciences and language learning in the children’s daily life. The goal is to enable the children to get social competences and knowledge as well as own learning experiences.
calendar Срок на провеждане на проекта: 1 май 2017 – 30 април 2018г.

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