Обучение „Simulation Games: Bricks of Hope“ в Суми, Украйна, 29.03-05.04.2017

Сдружение „Промяната е в теб“ търси 3ма участници за обучение на тема толерантност, човешки права и имиграция в Украйна.

 Място: Суми, Украйна

 Период на провеждане: 29 март – 5 април 2017 г.

Изпращаща организация: Сдружение „Промяната е в теб“

 Профил на участниците: 3ма на възраст над 18 години, които владеят английски език, имат мотивация и интерес към темата на проекта.

Държави-участнички: България, Румъния, Полша, Украйна, Армения, Грузия, Латвия, Азербайджан

Повече информация за проекта:

The International Training Course is designed to help youth leaders and youth workers, trainers and educators to learn how they can use simulation games (role play simulation games) to teach young people the issue of forced migration and refugees; to help their integration into local communities and to prevent or solve conflicts between the locals and forced migrants.

The European migration crisis or European refugee crisis began in 2015, when a rising number of refugees and migrants made the journey to the European Union to seek asylum, traveling across the Mediterranean Sea, or through Southeast Europe. Local armed conflicts, such as the one in Eastern Ukraine (ongoing since 2014) or in Georgia (in 2008) always lead to such consequences when people are forced to leave their homes and to seek refuge in another area in their own country or a asylum abroad. Thus the interactions between locals and migrants is a very critical issue when many open and hidden problems emerge. Communities from all over the Europe should work on solutions to overcome challenges connected with today’s phenomenon of forced migration.

The participants of the TC will learn about the method of the role-play simulation games: how to use, how to adapt for the certain learning purposes, and how to create their own simulation activities based on the local realities. We will start with more abstract simulations and then will continue to develop the games and simulations that will help to prevent or to solve existing conflict between locals and forced migrants.

Цели на проекта:
  • to discover the challenges which appear in the communities in Europe connected with the forced migration and refugeesand to look for solutions to these challenges;
  • to learn about how youth can be active on the local level to help in the integration of the forced migrants;
  • to learn about the role-play simulation games method (structure, specifics, usage, adaptation for the certain needs, creation of the games) and how it can be used to prevent or solve problematic issues connected with forced migration;
  • to create new role play simulation activities based on the participants’ realities which will be used in future for prevention or solving local conflicts connected with forced migration.

Преди заминаване, участниците задължително трябва да имат или да си осигурят валиден паспорт и Европейска здравна карта.

 Подробна информация за проекта може да намерите тук.

 За да кандидатствате, попълнете апликационната форма и я изпратете на stanimir.chukov@gmail.com

 Срок за кандидатстване: 22 февруари 2017 г.

Източник: Сдружение „Промяната е в теб“