Младежки Обмен Natural в Омен, Холандия, 2 – 14 юли 2017 г.

Активно Българско Общество търси 6 участници за младежки обмен в периода 1- 15 юли 2017 г. сред красивата природа на Холандия.

място на провеждане Място на провеждане: Омен, Холандия

период на провеждане Период на провеждане:

  • 18 – 20 май 2017 г. – предварителна среща за планиране
  • 1 – 15 юли 2017 г. – младежки обмен

Изпращаща организация: Активно Българско Общество

Профил на участниците: 5 младежи на възраст 20 – 30 години и 1 без ограничение във възрастта. Участникът, който отиде на APV задължително трябва да участва и в младежкият обмен.
В обмена ще участват общо 40 младежи + 8 младежки лидери от 8 държави- България, Холандия, Гърция, Македония, Чехия, Унгария, Латвия и Румъния. В програмата на проекта са включени много дейности сред природата.
 Повече информация за обмена:
Olde Vechte and Active Bulgarian Society want to introduce you a project where we use nature as a tool to combat social exclusion. Many youngsters are aware that the nature and the environment are endangered, though they are not actively involving themselves or other youngsters in how to protect this. The long-term benefits of environmental protection are not visible; there is no immediate result when persons start recycling for instance, the long-term benefit is also not directly visible, like environmental protection takes years and years to develop and create an impact on the planet.
The objective of Natural is:
• To increase environmental protection and nature preservation on local and regional level in rural areas
The aims of Natural are:
• To increase the mobility for 40 young people with fewer opportunities.
• To exchange best practices and examples regarding environmental protection and nature preservation.
• To preserve nature and raising awareness regarding nature through three Natural Encounters per partner.
• To disseminate and spread 10 video tutorials regarding ‘how to connect yourself with nature and the environment in order to preserve it.
• To make young people with fewer opportunities (aged 18-25) more active citizens on local and regional level.
In the APV we will mainly make use of dialogue and debate in sub-groups and give presentations of best practices and experience related to environmental protection and nature preservation. Also we train group leaders on how to lead an activity and group as a coach.
For the exchange we mainly let the youngsters create results themselves, this will increase their self-esteem and makes them more confidant. The whole exchange is based on working and living together as a group and to stand strong for the environment. During the nature safari youngsters will visit organisations and companies who are working with the subject as a case study and to hear successful stories and examples. This in order for them to get an idea on what can be implemented back home. Youngsters will work mainly in sub-groups in order to help each other out in the designing of the Natural Encounters and the video tutorials.
As a result of Natural we will create:
– 10 video tutorials on how persons can connect themselves with nature and environment with the goal to protect and preserve it.
– Natural Encounter activities organised by the youngsters which are activities focused on educating inhabitants in their local community on how they can connect themselves with nature and make it a better place on local level.
The sustainable impact of Natural are active citizens whom stand strong for their local environment and nature in Europe.
For the APV there is a travel reimbursement of 275 €, Olde Vechte pays this amount no matter what you spend on travel.
For the exchange is also 275 € travel reimbursement, no matter what you spent. For the exchange there is a participants fee of 75 € to the organizers/ Olde Vechte/. If participants arrange there travel in a clever way, they can travel much cheaper and pay their participants fee from their travel reimbursement and in this way, will have the exchange for free.
Participants’ profile We are looking for youngsters with fewer opportunities, more specific youngsters who are coming from rural, geographic isolated areas. We aim on receiving youngsters from these areas who can be considered as socially isolated, who have troubles on interacting with other persons, who cannot express themselves properly and who have difficulties in finding out on what he wants in life.
More specifically this are youngsters who come from families with low income, therefore they have less possibilities in attending a study or even to go abroad for experience or holidays. Most of the youngsters are active on a local level in order to do good for the community. Youngsters who are coming are also socially disadvantaged, they have difficulties in expressing their own feelings since they lack the skills of reflecting own behaviour. Also they have difficulty in expressing themselves in groups, like giving a presentation or discussing certain issues. Through Natural youngsters will work on raising their self-esteem and self-confidence as well.
In the APV we will invite 1 youth leader and 1 youngster (under condition that he participates in the exchange) in order to prepare the exchange and come up with activities and workshops. During the APV we share experience, draw the outline of the preparation, implementation and dissemination phase and to divide tasks among the partners regarding the project as a whole.
The group leaders in the APV we are aiming to have are mainly youth workers or active volunteers in the organisations which are young themselves (aged 20-30) and can function as a role model and leader during all phases of Natural.
Административна такса: 25 евро за изпращащата страна, и 75 евро за посрещащата страна (могат да бъдат изцяло покрити от сумата от 275 евро за пътни, която ще ви бъде изцяло възстановена, дори и в случаите, когато разходите са ви по-малко)
 За да кандидатствате, моля попълнете апликационната форма
краен срок за кандидатстване
 Краен срок за кандидатстване: 28 април 2017 г.