Пламена за младежкия обмен за комуникационни умения „A(E)ffective Communication“ в Саку, Естония

В периода 16 – 25 юли 2018 г. YOUTHub в партньорство с Risti-Rasti изпрати шестима българи за участие в младежкия обмен за комуникационни умения „A(E)ffective Communication“ в Саку, Естония.

Ето какво ни разказа Пламена за преживяването си:

Пламена младежки обмен ЕстонияI am more than happy that I had the opportunity to take part in this amazingly executed project. Since It was my first ever Erasmus+ project I had a vague idea what to expect. However, I came back more than satisfied with my experience. Thanks to the tasks in the project I was able to explore my feelings more thorough and strengthen the connection I have with myself. I learned a lot about assumptions and how important it is to express myself in the I-form. I was also able to change my perception of vulnerability. I used to believe that this is something I should hide because it makes me weak and fragile. However, during this project I realised how comfortable I feel when I am being vulnerable. What is more, when I am being my true self, I inspire others to show their true colors. That lead me to the realization that my vulnerability is my strength, my power. It is what will help me create a meaningful connection with other people. I just want to give a big and sincere thank you to everyone involved in this project because after those 10 days in Estonia I feel wiser and ready to conquer the challenges ahead of me. The unforgettable memories I created there and the amazing people I met will stay close to my heart for a very long time. :))