Ралица за младежкия обмен за комуникационни умения „A(E)ffective Communication“ в Саку, Естония

В периода 16 – 25 юли 2018 г. YOUTHub в партньорство с Risti-Rasti изпрати шестима българи за участие в младежкия обмен за комуникационни умения „A(E)ffective Communication“ в Саку, Естония.

Ето какво ни разказа Ралица за преживяването си:

 Just the moment when I came back to Bulgaria my daily routines started again. I tried and I’m still trying to do these usual things that I normally do but in a completely different way. I’m trying to implement all the knowledge I gained during this whole project.  I’m trying to speak only for myself, only for my feeling and thought. I do not use words like „always“, „never“, „everybody“ anymore and I believe that my life became much easier. However, I consider that I had understood the main aim of the project in a wrong way because in the begging I was trying to educate the other people how to communicate with me in an appropriate way and what words they shouldn’t use.  Eventually, I ended up receiving only the feedback that I had change, not in an improved way after the programme in Estonia. All I was doing is judging and expecting from people to communicate with me the way I wanted. I’m happy that I managed to realize what was happening fastly. I spent some time reflecting again and I came up with the conclusion that the only thing that I can change is the was how I communicate with others and the way how I see the world. This is what is up to me and this is what matters.  So I started working in this direction – how can I express myself in the most corrective and kind way. Еven though I still not communicate the way I want, I’m learning and exploring, so I’m on my way. The thing that I’m most grateful about is that I started to communicate with myself for the first time in my life after this project. Now I ask myself what I want, how do I feel and why and I became my own best friend. I definitely became more peaceful as a person. Also, when I know myself better, I’m more confident. I’m looking forward to seeing myself progressing. Here’s the time to thank for the opportunity that had been given to me. Big applause to the facilitators and every person who helped for this project to become such an unforgettable memory in my heart. I love everything (I know it is a generalization but EVERYTHING) related to Estonia and my experience there. I love you guys.