Саня за младежкия обмен за комуникационни умения „A(E)ffective Communication“ в Саку, Естония

В периода 16 – 25 юли 2018 г. YOUTHub в партньорство с Risti-Rasti изпрати шестима българи за участие в младежкия обмен за комуникационни умения „A(E)ffective Communication“ в Саку, Естония.

Ето какво ни разказа Саня за преживяването си:

Spending a week at the Risti-Rasti training course was a unique experience I will always remember. I had the chance to meet so many great and interesting people and to discuss topics that concern our life itself. We built a community that everyone has its own role and in which we played games, shared emotions and expressed ourselves. Every activity we did was interesting and useful to our spiritual development. I can definitely confirm that I’ve enjoyed every single one of it. The food was conformed to a healthy lifestyle routine that aimed to show and teach us a better nutrition routine. Everything was so so delicious that I’ve tried to obtain some of the habits we build there when I got home. I just didn’t want to leave…

Four weeks since I’ve left Kulla Vila but I still think about the way we humans perceive the world. The way we cope with our daily tasks, what is that makes us happy, are we living the life we always wanted or we are just surviving, are we happy with the people that surround us, do we behave well with them or we can improve ourselves, which is the right way to communicate with people and is there any right way. Those are the topics that concern my mind since Im home.  And I can say that i’m pretty much happy with my life – I have friends and family, people that love me, what else a person needs on this life. Its all about communication, love and being nice to people. It’s a perception of life that everyone can obtain but someone has to show it to you. For me this ‘’someone’’ was this program. Thank you for giving me the chance to be part of it.