About us

YOUTHub Association is a private non-governmental organization (NGO) based in Sofia, Bulgaria.

YOUTHub.bg was launched on 1st of September 2016. Its main goal is to serve as an online youth platform where young Bulgarian are able to find all kind of opportunities for their personal and professional development such as training courses, seminars, youth exchanges, networking and other events.

The organisation provides custom high quality educational activities for youth. Our intention is to invest in the future of the nation, help young people develop and improve the skills they need to succeed in their career and personal life, as well as to guide them through their development.

Originally, the idea behind YOUTHub dates back to 2012 when both co-founders Madlen Nenkova and Michaela Lyutskanova separately launched 2 Facebook channels which aimed to serve as a space or a platform to share all youth opportunities one can find so that they can reach as many people as possible. Both channels are now followed by more than 20 000 people altogether including high school and university students, young professionals, NGO workers, teachers, businessmen and others. 

YOUTHub.bg is visited daily by more than 500 people. Our performance on social media is steadily growing reaching more than 3000 followers on Facebook and 1000 newsletter subscribers. We are also active on Instagram, Google+ and LinkedIn.

International Partnerships

YOUTHub in partnership with other European NGOs implements projects funded by the Erasmus+ Programme. We have cooperated with distinguished organisations such as Olde Vechte Foundation (Netherlands), Qualitimpact Nonformal Group (Hungary), Risti-Rasti (Estonia) and others.

The team

Madlen Nenkova – President and Co-Founder of YOUTHub

Her main responsibilities in YOUTHub are maintaining local and international NGO partnerships and providing education services and consultations.

E-mail: mnenkova (at) youthub.bg                 Social media: LinkedIn 


Michaela Lyutskanova – Project Manager and Co-Founder of YOUTHub

Michaela truly believes that investing in the young people’s development is investing in the future. Currently, Michaela works as an HR expert and career consultant helping young people make conscious decisions for their personal and professional growth. She devotes her spare time in coaching and training young people in improvement of their soft skills.

E-mail: michaela (at) youthub.bg                   Social media: LinkedIn