About us

YOUTHub Association is a private non-governmental organization (NGO) based in Sofia, Bulgaria. YOUTHub.bg was launched on 1st September 2016. Its main goal is to serve as an online youth platform where young people from Bulgaria have the possibility to find all kind of opportunities for their personal and professional development (training courses, seminars, youth exchanges, networking and other events). Additional to that the NGO is aiming to provide high quality educational activities to the youngsters in the country. Our intention is to invest in the future of this nation, help them develop the skills they need in order to succeed in their professional and private life, as well as to guide them through their growth.

The background of the NGO dates back to 2012 when its founder Miss Madlen Nenkova has started a facebook group. The aim of the group was to serve as a space to share all the opportunities she sees out there for the young people in order for them to be involved, active and growing. Until now (Sept 2016) the group has grown over 13 000 people including high school and university students, young professionals, NGO workers, teachers, business people and others.


The team

Madlen Nenkova
– President and Co-Founder of YOUTHub

She is in the NGO sector since 2010 and has experience in the non-formal education as a participant, facilitator, youth leader and volunteer. Additionally, she has a solid background in the field of formal and non-formal education as a consultant, facilitator and career counselor.
Her main responsibilities are NGO local and international partnerships, content marketing, implementation of projects and providing education services and consultations.

E-mail: mnenkova (at) youthub.bg                 Social media: LinkedIn 


Michaela Lyutskanova – Project Manager and Co-Founder of YOUTHub

Michaela is the founder and administrator of a popular Facebook page which gives informations about opportunities for young people. Naturally, Madlen and Michaela met online and decided to join forces resulting in the foundtion of YOUTHub.

Michaela is an expert in Environmental Economics, Human Resources, Digital Marketing and Project Management.

E-mail: michaela (at) youthub.bg                   Social media: LinkedIn