:Отминал:Обмен „Dream Country“

Асоциация Walktogether търси участници за обмен на тема „Dream Country“

Mясто: Талин, ЕСТОНИЯ

Профил: 8 участници на възраст 18 – 25 и 1 тийм лидер без ограничение на възрастта

Дати: 1 – 13 Октомври

Цели на проекта:
We live in a society full of decision-making and choices. In today’s society, we should make good decisions and right choices that would guide us through the life that we would like to live. Our personal decisions are highly influenced by the society in which we live. The state manages civil society through political and ideological practices. In order to create the ideal country we should take into consideration the laws on which the society will rely, what kind of society and laws would people wish to see in place and why.
Participants who are interested in understanding the key points in developing the ideal model of country, discussing various factors that influence the process of building sustainable country, comparing experiences and developing recommendations for improving country’s welfare are going to be involved in.

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Краен срок за кандидатстване: 03.09.2016 с апликационна форма.

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