Обучение за младежката безработица в Испания през декември

Активно Българско Общество търси участници за обучение на тема “ I don’t have a job, but I am working on it! „

placeholder-1 Mясто: Lucena, Испания

calendar Период на провеждане: 1 – 8 Декември 2016 г.

Профил: 7 участника на възраст 17-25

Информация за проекта:
Our team is happy to welcome YOU to this wonderful youth exchange experience, a process like a living creature, inspired and evolving by inputs of all the involved participants. This training will take place in December, 2016 in Lucena, Spain. It will be hosted by Amigos de Europa NGO (Spain). The TC will bring together 36 participants from 5 organizations from EU. The youth exchange project addresses 30 youngsters’ need to develop their competences and to multiply the project’s outcomes within their local communities. The main target group is composed of youth aged 17-25 who are at their first Erasmus+ experience. Participants’ countries are the following: Spain, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and Italy. By using interactive and non-formal methods, the participants will become highly involved in the project and will be able to develop their own skills and practical knowledge. The training working principles are based on experiential pedagogy and non-formal education. Moreover, they will be motivated to continue sharing the knowledge afterwards in their home country and within their own organization.
checked Main objectives are:

  • to involve 25 youngsters aged 17-25 from 5 European countries for 6 months in planning, preparing, implementing and disseminating the youth exchange project
  • to raise employability for 25 youngsters by tackling personal and professional development based on the non-formal learning practice, principles, and quality standards of the EU youth programs
  • to enable participants to reflect on their learning and to familiarize themselves with Youthpass as a non-formal learning recognition tool.

The TC will be implemented in the frames of the “Erasmus+” program of the European Commission and was financially supported by the Spanish National Agency.

coin Такса за участие: 25 евро. Разходите за храна и настаняване са покрити на 100% от проекта. Разходите за пътни ще бъдат възстановени до 270 евро до 30 дни след представянето на всички необходими документи.

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clockСрок за кандидатстване: до 23:59 ч. на 5 октомври 2016 г.