Стажант Software Engineer във VMware

Търси се младеж с отличен английски език, който да работи в сферата на софтуера и технологиите за период 3 – 6 месеца.

 Място: София

Job description

VMware provides internship program for talented students in the area of the software technologies. By becoming part of our program, you will participate in an internal Research & Development project. Especially dedicated experienced engineer will be mentoring you throughout the internship by introducing you to the VMware environment and providing you with guidance, regular performance feedback and recommendations.


  • good knowledge of OOP and/or any of the following programming languages and technologies: Java, C++, Python, XML/HTML, CSS, JavaScript;
  • data structures, algorithms, design patterns;
  • good command of English;
  • agile and highly adaptive;
  • willing to take ownership and responsibility;
  • willing to innovate, learn and share knowledge;
  • with good analytical and problem solving skills;
  • able to execute and deliver

Why to join VMwarе?

  • оpportunity for technical and personal development through working on real-life projects;
  • mentor-ship by experienced engineers, participation in regular technical talks, timely performance feedbacks and being in-touch with teams of world-wide IT professionals will help you develop your potential;
  • unique atmosphere where the emphasis is on excellence, innovation, openness, collaboration and balance;
  • healthy work environment, ensured by food and beverage program, sport activities, open communication;
  • оpportunity to choose between working schemes, fitting both yours and the project’s needs

IMPORTANT! The position you are applying for is within a high growth area of our business. In applying for this position you will receive a response but the position may not be active at the time of your application.

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